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Activists from Ireland set sail for Paris climate talks

Photo outside FoE before leaving

9 Dec 2015

Thirty-five climate activists from around the country will today leave Dublin for Paris to take part in actions over the weekend as the climate negotiations draw to a close. Organised by Stop Climate Chaos, the group will undertake a 30 hour journey by land and sea to arrive in Paris in time for actions on Friday and Saturday, before getting back on their bus again on Sunday.

Stop Climate Chaos coordinator, Ciara Kirrane, said today:

"It's an exciting day for us. We've been planning this for months and are delighted to be bringing a busload of people from all walks of life and of all ages to Paris this weekend to call for climate justice and peace.

"Of course in light of the horrific events in Paris on 13th November, and the current security situation in the city, some of our plans have changed. But we believe we need to make our voices heard now more than ever, and be part of the global movement that is leading the transformation from a fossil fuel driven energy system into one that’s clean, efficient, renewable and owned and controlled by citizens. It's about people power and showing that whatever the outcome of the climate negotiations, we will have the last word."

The group will join thousands of other activists from around the world for a variety of creative actions around the city over the coming days.

On Sunday the world will unite for justice and peace. Join us.

There are now more than 2000 events planned in over 150 countries this weekend as part of the Global Climate March.

The French Government may have cancelled the People's Climate March in Paris on Sunday, amid ongoing security fears, but people around the world are stepping out and stepping up. Join us in Dublin on Sunday at 2pm on Custom House Quay. There are also events in Belfast, Galway and Cork.


We will be marching for climate justice, community energy and a carbon free future. We will also be marching in solidarity with the French, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis and all those affected by the ongoing violence.

We already know climate chaos would undermine our societies and economies. We know that tackling climate change is a question of global justice. But climate change is also exacerbating conflict. Drought has been identified as one of the key catalysts of the Syrian conflict, killing livestock, undermining rural livelihoods and driving migration to the cities.

So when 150 world leaders arrive in Paris on Monday to kick-start the UN talks for a global climate deal, it will also be a justice and peace summit. And we cannot let Governments' security agenda silence civil society. When prime ministers meet we want the voices of the people ringing in their ears.

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We will be marching because we don't trust our leaders to lead. We know the real leaders are the communities on the frontline of the climate crisis and of the energy revolution we need to solve it. Communities resisting land grabs for palm oil plantations in Africa, communities pioneering collective solar energy projects across the world and those organizing to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

If enough of us lead, our leaders will follow. Sunday's march will set the agenda and in the months and years ahead we will hold our leaders accountable for delivering it.

In hope,

Ciara Kirrane
Coordinator, Stop Climate Chaos coalition

P.S. We are organizing a Climate Justice and Solidarity trip to Paris for the end of the UN talks. The French Government has banned the mass demonstrations on Saturday 12th, but international civil society is still working on creative ways for the tens of thousands still travelling to Paris to have the last word. Friends of the Earth International is organizing an indoor event on Friday 11th. The NGO Climate Action Zone is still going ahead with the support of the French Government. Read the detailed programme here. Live updates on the plans can be found here. If you want to join us for the overland trip - leaving the evening of Wednesday 9th and arriving back on the morning of Monday 14th - fill out this form and we'll be in touch. Stop Climate Chaos is subsidizing the trip so it'll cost around €250 depending on final numbers.

Please share this with anyone you know who might meet up with you at the march.

Before Paris climate summit begins, march organizers call for massive show of solidarity

A week ahead of the People’s Climate March, Stop Climate Chaos is calling for a massive turnout to show solidarity with the French, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis and all those affected by ISIS atrocities. The 29th November marks a global day of action on climate change, ahead of a UN climate change summit which gets underway in Paris on 30th November. Over 1500 marches in approximately 70 countries around the world are planned for next Sunday and as host nation, hundreds of thousands were expected to participate in the march in Paris. As a result of the attacks and the state of emergency, all public demonstrations have now been forbidden in the city.

Ciara Kirrane, coordinator of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, said:

“Now more than ever we need people out on the street to lend their voice to the call for climate justice and peace. The horrific and tragic events in Paris means French civil society cannot express their fundamental right to protest which means we in the global movement and in Ireland must mobilise with even more determination than before.

“Around 150 world leaders will arrive in Paris on Monday 30th November to kick start the UN talks for a global climate agreement. We can’t let them off the hook; we must get out on the streets in even greater numbers to make sure they know that the world is watching. Taoiseach Enda Kenny will be among the 150 world leaders and we want him to be in no doubt as he arrives in Paris that Ireland is calling for climate justice, community energy and a carbon free future.”

Join the People's Climate March 29th November

March for climate justice, community energy and a carbon free future

Flyer_front 29 Nov 2015

At the end of November, governments will be gathering in Paris for COP 21 to finalize a global agreement on climate change. People around the world are calling for action – especially those who are most vulnerable to climate impacts yet have had no role in creating the problem. Our voices are critical if we want a better, more just, and sustainable society.

So make your voice heard and join the People's Climate March on Sunday 29th November to demand Climate Justice, Community Energy and a Carbon Free Future. We're assembling outside the Custom House at 2pm.

Nothing less than a systemic transformation of our societies, our economies, and our world will suffice to solve the climate crisis and close the ever-increasing inequality gap. The urgency to keep temperatures down is not just about the planet and the environment. It is about people, and our capacity as humanity to secure safe and dignified lives for all.

Make sure you're part of this international weekend of action. Join us in Dublin and if you can't make the Dublin march, please join rallies in Belfast, Cork and Galway.


Dáil passes Climate Bill but campaigners say real test is whether this translates into action

8 Oct 2015

Stop Climate Chaos today welcomed the fact that the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill has been passed by the Dáil but warned that actual measures to tackle climate change are yet to be delivered. The Final Stage of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill concluded this afternoon, less than two months before major UN climate talks get underway in Paris.

Commenting, Ciara Kirrane, Coordinator of Stop Climate Chaos, said:

“The passing of the Bill today is to be welcomed. It is long overdue but its passage in the Dáil draws a line in the sand and means attention can now move to how we as a society will achieve emission reductions in key sectors such as transport and agriculture.

“The Bill does not go as far as it should but some significant improvements were made along the way, such as the inclusion of the principal of climate justice and a guarantee that the climate advisory council will be independent in its duties. National action plans will also be obliged to take into account climate policy, the objective of which is an 80% reduction in emissions from buildings, energy and transport and carbon neutrality in agriculture.

“This Bill also guarantees that future governments must have an action plan for reducing emissions. The last national action plan on climate change expired in 2012, and it could be 2017 before a new plan is in place, meaning this government will have had no action plan on climate change for their entire term in office. The Climate Bill will ensure this behaviour cannot be repeated.”

The lack of progress on implementing climate mitigation measures has been echoed by the European Commission in a recent report which saw Ireland criticised for having ‘insufficient’ climate related policies.

Ms Kirrane continued:

“With only two months to go until major climate negotiations begin, the government must signal their intention to tackle climate change by setting out their vision and plan for decarbonising our society in the forthcoming Energy White Paper. The government must also live up to commitments made on providing climate finance to the Green Climate Fund. Ireland is one of only a handful of countries that has yet to pledge its contribution to this fund, which was a source of considerable embarrassment at last year’s UN climate negotiations.”

As Climate Bill debate continues in the Dáil campaigners say it is now time to pass it into law

30th September 2015

Stop Climate Chaos today welcomed the fact that the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill is back in the Dáil for Report Stage and says it is now time to pass the Bill into law. Acknowledging the progress made to date, in part from pressure applied by campaigners but also thanks to the interest from TDs on all sides, the coalition says that the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill must now be urgently passed into law. The Report Stage debate resumes two months ahead of major UN climate talks in Paris. The coalition adds however that passing the Climate Bill does not, in and of itself, constitute action.

Commenting, Ciara Kirrane, Coordinator of Stop Climate Chaos, said:

 "While progress on the Climate Bill is to be welcomed, the real test is whether the government can translate this into action. Ireland has not had a national action plan on climate change since 2012, when the last plan expired, and there is currently no prospect of a new plan being in place until 2017. This means the government will have had no action plan on climate change for their entire term in office.

 The lack of progress on implementing climate mitigation measures has been echoed by the European Commission in a recent report which saw Ireland criticised for having ‘insufficient’ climate related policies.

 Ms Kirrane continued:

 “With only two months to go until major climate negotiations begin, the government must signal their intention to tackle climate change by setting out their vision and plan for decarbonising our society in the forthcoming Energy White Paper. The government must also live up to commitments made on providing climate finance to the Green Climate Fund. Ireland is one of only a handful of countries that has yet to pledge its contribution to this fund, which was a source of considerable embarrassment at last year’s UN climate negotiations. Finally they must ensure adequate time is dedicated in the Dáil to passing the Climate Bill.”

 Following calls from campaigning organisations that the Climate Bill was too weak to work, a number of amendments were accepted at Committee Stage in June. These changes included a reference to climate justice, a guarantee ensuring the independence of the Advisory Council and clarity on the low carbon objective.

Stop Climate Chaos hosts Irish premiere of This Changes Everything this weekend

This weekend, as part of a weekend of global climate action, Stop Climate Chaos and Happenings will host the Irish premiere of This Changes Everything. The documentary, based on Naomi Klein's bestselling book on climate change, is a powerful rallying-cry for a global movement to take on the challenge of climate change.

This-Changes-Everything_FinalWe're one of only a handful of countries getting to screen the film a month before it goes on general release so please join us for this outdoor screening to witness powerful stories from communities on the front line of climate change. 

When: Saturday 26th September 5.30 – 9.30pm (film starts when it gets dark!)

Where: Merrion Square Park, Dublin

Tickets: €5 suggested donation on the gate

We will have live music from Mundy and Oliver Cole, the best of Dublin's street food offerings and entertainment in the form of a wandering Molly Malone, Climate Change Croquet, bicycle-demolished smoothies and bicycle-powered projections under the trees, a photo exhibition, hidden messages from Young Friends of the Earth, oh and free Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Will this film change everything? Probably not. But you could, by answering its call to action! So come along on Saturday and tell all your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about it too.

Campaigners show Government have their Heads in the Sand on climate change

Saturday, 4th July 2015

Heads in the Sand Sandymount Strand  338 Call for Climate Bill to pass  SCC Call for Climate Bill to pass

Over 150 people of all ages gathered today on Sandymount Strand to bury their heads in the sand, signifying what the organisers say is the government’s attitude towards climate change. Stop Climate Chaos, the coalition behind the event, says that with just months to go until major global climate talks, the lack of government action on climate change is of serious concern.

Commenting, spokesperson for the coalition Sorley McCaughey, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Christian Aid, said:

“The government have their heads in the sand on climate change. They promised to pass the Climate Bill into law before the summer recess but it is yet to happen. We currently have no action plan to address Ireland’s rising emissions, despite being among the worst in Europe when it comes to climate change emissions. And despite an embarrassing episode at the climate talks in Peru last December, where Ireland was one of only two developed countries not to pledge financial assistance to the Green Climate Fund, a fund which supports countries worst affected by climate change impacts, we still have made no financial commitment to the fund.”

Continuing, Mr McCaughey said:

“All of this points to a serious lack of urgency on the part of the government. Failing to take action is resulting in the poorest communities in the world, who have done least to cause climate change, being hit the hardest, as was emphasised in the recent Encyclical by Pope Francis.”

“This inaction is in contrast to the speed at which policy is developed in other areas, for example the agri-food sector, where the latest strategy, which allows for damaging increases in agricultural emissions, was developed in eight months and comes five years ahead of the expiration of the current Food Harvest 2020 plan. On the same day as the new plan for agricultural expansion was launched the government announced that they will not have to produce a new climate action plan until 2017, five years after the last plan expired.”  

“If the same eagerness was applied to climate policy we could by now be availing of the economic, environmental and social benefits of transitioning to a low carbon future. Instead, we risk significant fines for missing EU targets as well as considerable reputational damage in view of the international climate negotiations in Paris at the end of this year."

400 Call for Climate Bill to pass   438 Call for Climate Bill to pass   SA-2

The government have their Heads in the Sand on climate change

heads in the sand bondi beach

Our government aren’t taking climate change seriously. We’re only 5 months away from major climate talks that will decide the future of global climate action.

Yet the government are about to bring forward a Climate law that doesn’t even set a target for emission reductions by 2050. They have no action plan for how to tackle Ireland's emissions and they have made no financial pledge to help support communities worst affected by climate change impacts.


It's clear that this government have their heads in the sand on climate change and we want everyone to know about it!

Join us for a mass photo stunt to highlight the inaction of our government on the most urgent challenge facing the world

Saturday 4th July 11.00 Sandymount Strand (here by the car park nearest city centre)

Bring your family, friends, buckets and spades (and sunscreen and towel!) and help us to get the message out that the time for action is now!

Government Climate Bill will fail unless critical weaknesses addressed

5 May 2015

The Government's Climate Bill "will fail to deliver the low carbon future its aims to achieve unless critical weaknesses are addressed", according to independent analysis carried out by an international environmental law organisation. ClientEarth compared the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill against climate legislation around Europe. Their report finds that the lack of a 2050 target for reducing emissions produces critical uncertainty for investors and the status and membership of the Expert Advisory Council undermines its independence. Unless revised at Committee Stage in the Dáil, due this month, the Bill will do little to help Ireland meet its international commitments or move the economy onto a less polluting pathway.

Stop Climate Chaos, a coalition of 28 civil society organisations, commissioned the independent analysis. Commenting, Jim Clarken, CEO of Oxfam Ireland and member of Stop Climate Chaos, said:

“This report should set alarm bells ringing across Government. ClientEarth is the most recent addition to a long line of experts, including government backbenchers and a cross-party committee, to point out the shortcomings of the Bill. The report’s main conclusion is that unless the Bill is revised it will do little to address the fact that Ireland is already struggling to meet its climate commitments.

"If the Government does not act on this advice and make the necessary amendments to the Bill it will be clear to all that they are not serious about tackling climate change and moving Ireland towards a decarbonised society. And despite the Government's often declared commitment to climate justice the Taoiseach would be going to the Climate Summit in Paris in December with a weak climate law with no targets.”

Drawing on a number of climate laws across Europe, the report highlights the gap between what is proposed in the Irish Climate Bill and examples of best practice. Oisín Coghlan, Director of Friends of the Earth, said:

“The report shines a light on how poorly the Irish Bill compares to climate laws being designed and passed across Europe. As recently as March Finland passed a Bill that sets a legally binding target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050 (compared to 1990) and creates an independent expert committee to advise the Government in planning climate change strategy. The Irish Climate Bill does neither. But we don’t even need to look outside of Ireland for examples of best practice when it comes to providing government with expert independence advice. The Fiscal Advisory Council is a model that could and should be replicated in the Irish Climate Bill."

Jonathan Church, energy lawyer at ClientEarth and one of the authors of the report, said:

“This Bill is a golden opportunity for Ireland to encourage renewable energy investors by setting long-term, legally binding national targets which support the EU’s targets. It doesn't do this. Furthermore, the UK experience has shown that a climate change committee needs to be independent of Government if it’s to do its job properly. As things stand, the Expert Advisory Council doesn't look independent, and that alone will handicap it from the start. Unless these critical weaknesses are addressed the Bill will fail to deliver the low-carbon future it aims to achieve. Indeed, if this half-hearted Bill gives the false impression of 'job done', it could end up doing more harm than good to Ireland’s efforts to tackle climate change.”

The independent report comes a day before CEOs from Stop Climate Chaos member organisations are due to meet Minister Kelly to discuss the weakness of the Bill and the need to amend it at the Committee stage in the Dáil later this month.

Government rejects calls to change Climate Bill as it passes Second Stage

25 March 2015

Stop Climate Chaos has today expressed deep disappointment at the government’s refusal to take on board concerns about the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill, which today passed Second Stage. This is the first time a Bill designed to tackle climate change has passed Second Stage.

 Commenting this evening, Ciara Kirrane, Coordinator of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, said:

“We are deeply disappointed at the government’s unwillingness to listen to concerns expressed not only by Stop Climate Chaos but by their own party colleagues. Fine Gael and Labour backbenchers have voiced their concerns with aspects of the Bill in the Dáil in recent weeks but the Minister’s statement today clearly shows that none of these issues will be addressed.

“The Government is also ignoring the advice from the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht. Seven of the ten proposals made by the Committee which require changes to the Bill have been disregarded by Government.

“These include some of the most important proposals for actually tackling climate change, such as a long term emissions reduction target and an independent advisory council. Minister Kelly has argued that setting national targets would interfere with the EU process but this just doesn’t stand up. Other member states have managed to pass climate laws with long-term targets, the most recent of which is Finland which passed a climate law earlier this month with an 80% emissions reduction target for 2050. If the Government is going to reject such important recommendations they must find a stronger rationale for doing so.”

As the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill now progresses to Committee Stage Stop Climate Chaos is hopeful that amendments that will strengthen the Bill will be accepted by government.


European Commission criticises failure of Irish climate policy

‘Policies to address climate-related commitments are insufficient’

26 Feb 2015

Stop Climate Chaos has today said it is unsurprised by the European Commission’s findings that Ireland is failing to address climate change. In its ‘Country Report Ireland 2015’ the European Commission states that Ireland is likely to miss its EU 2020 target ‘by a wide margin’ and that climate-related policies are ‘insufficient’.

Reacting to the report, Ciara Kirrane, Coordinator of Stop Climate Chaos, said:

“The fact that Ireland is off track is not news to anyone who is keeping an eye on Ireland’s climate performance. But the Commission’s criticisms should act as a wake-up call to Minister Kelly and the government.

The damning statement that ‘No progress was made in identifying how Ireland commits itself to meeting its existing, binding climate and energy targets for the period up to 2020 in an integrated way’ should be an embarrassment to the government. Clearly EU targets have not provided enough of an impetus for Ireland to make the necessary emissions reductions, which is why Stop Climate Chaos – and others – have been calling for the inclusion of a national long-term emissions reduction target in the Climate Bill.

The report comes just as the Second Stage reading of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2015 resumes in the Dáil, a Bill that both Fine Gael and Labour TDs have criticised. Ciara Kirrane continued:

Minister Kelly needs to listen to the concerns raised by his colleagues about this Bill, both in the Dáil and by the Oireacahtas Joint Committee on the Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht in their comprehensive 2013 report. Only three of the ten recommendations from the Committee which required changes to the Bill have been acted on. A number of Fine Gael and Labour TDs, as well as opposition TDs, have highlighted weaknesses in the Bill. This is a critical piece of legislation in addressing Ireland’s inaction on climate change but it’s time Minister Kelly started to take on board the recommendations being made by his fellow TDs.”

You helped make our Climate Bill Lobby Day a huge success – thank you!

On Tuesday 10th February Stop Climate Chaos held a day-long ‘lobby’ event in Buswells Hotel in Dublin, where people had the opportunity to meet TDs and tell them what you thought of the Climate Bill. It was a huge success so thank you for participating in whatever way you could.

Hundreds of people contacted their TDs and asked them to attend. More than half of all TDs showed up, which was an amazing achievement. Thanks especially to those of you who came to Buswells on Tuesday to meet your TDs in person. Some travelled from as far away as Kerry, Mayo, Galway, Clare and Leitrim to support our efforts. It was impressive to see the passion shown by so many people about tackling climate change and making sure the Climate Bill is the best it can be. You can see some great photos of the day here.

We know that TDs are listening. The Bill was debated in the Dail on Wednesday and Thursday and we really saw the impact of our efforts. Both opposition TDs and government backbenchers spoke about the weaknesses in the Bill and the need for a 2050 target, a definition of low carbon, independence of the advisory council and the inclusion of climate justice – all things we have been calling for. Many of them spoke of being contacted by constituents on these issues, so we know your emails and phone calls to them made a big impression. You can watch the debate in the Dail here to see whether your TD spoke out on the Bill. More TDs will be speaking on it next week so don't be too disappointed if your TD hasn't hasn't featured yet!

The Bill will be back in the Dail next week for the conclusion of the Second Stage. After that there are another couple of stages to get through before it can be passed. We’ll be in touch with you at key moments over the coming weeks when we know some more pressure needs to be applied on our elected representatives.

Stop Climate Chaos wouldn’t be effective if we didn’t have people like you supporting us. So thanks again, for whatever action you took on the Climate Bill over the past days, months or years!


Meet your TD and tell them to fix the Climate Bill - Tuesday 10th Feb Buswell's Hotel

The Climate Bill is due to be debated this week and Stop Climate Chaos believes it is still too weak to deliver a low carbon future for Ireland.

We want you to meet your TDs on Tuesday 10th Feb in Buswells Hotel to tell them it needs fixing!

Stop Climate Chaos will be there from 11am-8pm to provide any support you might need.

The following TDs have committed to come to Buswells to discuss the Climate Bill:

Lucinda Creighton (Ind)            3.30-4.30                 Dublin South East/Dublin Bay South                       
Kevin Humphreys (Lab)NO TIME CONFIRMEDDublin South East/Dublin Bay South

Ruari Quinn (Lab)

represented by PA

4.00Dublin South East/Dublin Bay South
Mary Mitchell O'Connor (FG)1.00-2.00Dun Laoghaire
Eamon Gilmore (Lab)NO TIME CONFIRMED                          Dun Laoghaire
Michael Colreavy (SF)2.30Sligo-North Leitrim
Joan Collins (PBP)2.30Dublin South Central
Eric Byrne (Lab)12.00Dublin South Central
Michael ConaghanNO TIME CONFIRMEDDublin South Central
Brian Stanley (SF)11.00-5.00Laois-Offaly
Ivana Bacik (Lab)2.30Trinity Senator
Anthony Lawlor (FG)2.00-5.00North Kildare
Andrew Doyle (FG)5.30Wicklow

Stephen Donnelly (Ind)

represented by PA


Billy Timmins (Ind)


Simon Harris (FG)

NO TIME CONFIRMEDWicklow-East Carlow
Marcella Corcoran-Kennedy (FG)12.30Laois-Offaly

Michael Healy Rae (Ind)


Timmy Dooley (FF)


Finian McGrath (Ind)

NO TIME CONFIRMEDDublin North Central
Aodhan O'Riordain (Lab)NO TIME CONFIRMEDDublin North Central
Seamus Healy (WUAG)2.00-3.00Tipperary South
Dominic Hannigan (Lab)4.00Meath East
Helen McEntee (FG)NO TIME CONFIRMEDMeath East

If there is no time confirmed beside your TD feel free to call their office, tell them you're planning to be there and ask for a meeting at a time that suits you both. If your TD isn't listed here there's still time to ask them to come along. Just call 01-6183000, ask for their office and invite them to attend! If you can't make it, Stop Climate Chaos staff will be happy to brief your TDs in your absence.


Deeply Disappointing that Climate Bill Ignores Oireachtas Committee Recommendations

Absurd that Bill delays climate action for two more years

Stop Climate Chaos has welcomed the publication of the long-awaited Climate Action Bill but described as "deeply disappointing" the Government's rejection of proposals by an Oireachtas committee to strengthen the Bill. According to the coalition of environment, overseas aid, youth and faith groups, three key recommendations of the Oireachtas environment committee, which held comprehensive hearings on the draft Bill and produced an all-party report, have been ignored.
Commenting, Stop Climate Chaos spokesperson, Oisin Coghlan, said:

"It's deeply disappointing that the Government is ignoring the proposals of the all-party Oireachtas Committee.
"This legislation is urgent, Ireland's emissions are already off-track and we are two years without a climate action plan. It's now up to TDs and Senators to fix this Bill and pass it into law as quickly as possible."

The Bill does not include the Government's own definition of low carbon, it doesn't guarantee the independence of the Climate Advisory Council, and it doesn't include the principle of climate justice - all recommendations of the Oireachtas Committee, chaired by Labour TD, Michael McCarthy.
David Healy, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator with Oxfam Ireland, commented:

"The Government hasn't even included a line in the Bill to say the Climate Advisory Council will be 'independent in the performance of it's functions', the formulation used for the Fiscal Advisory Council. If guaranteed independence is good enough for advice on the fiscal budget why not for climate policy?"

The Government has also ignored the Committee's proposal to include climate justice in the Bill.
Niamh Garvey, Environmental Justice Policy Officer with Trócaire, commented:

"The Government has voiced support for the principle of climate justice at the UN and co-hosted a conference on the issue with Mary Robinson as part of Ireland’s EU presidency. Was that just lip service? Why is climate justice left out of the Bill?"

Stop Climate Chaos has been calling for "the principle of climate justice" to be one of the things that Ministers must have regard to when designing the national mitigation plan (section 3.2 of the Bill).
The only substantive change from the draft Bill produced by Phil Hogan a year ago is a negative one. The Government has delayed the adoption of a national mitigation plan with sectoral policy measures by at least another two years. Ireland's last emissions reduction plan expired at the end of 2012 just before our challenging 2020 EU targets came into force. The Government promised a new plan by early 2014. Then, last April Phil, Hogan's draft Bill mandated there be an action plan within 12 months of the climate law coming into force. Now, Minister Kelly's Bill gives the Government two years from the enactment to come up with actual measures to reduce emissions.
Oisin Coghlan concluded:

"It's absurd that the first consequence of the Climate Action Bill would be to delay climate action. It seems the Government wants to long-finger sectoral emissions reduction measures until after the next election. Our EU targets run from 2013-2020 and the Government is saying Ireland will adopt it's action plan to meet them sometime in 2017!"

The Bill now goes to the Oireachtas for debate, scrutiny, amendment and approval. As the Government has ignored the recommendations of the all-party Oireachtas environment committee, Stop Climate Chaos will be calling on TDs and Senators to fix the Bill and pass it into law as quickly as possible.


  1. The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill can be downloaded here:http://bit.ly/ClimateBill2015

  2. Stop Climate Chaos's 4-page briefing on draft Bill should have been improved in this full Bill is here: http://www.foe.ie/download/pdf/scc_briefing_on_improving_the_climate_action_bill_november_2014.pdf






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