The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition

  1. Who are Stop Climate Chaos?

    Stop Climate Chaos is a coalition of 28 civil society organizations campaigning to ensure Ireland does its fair share to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change.  Launched in 2007, it is the largest network of organisations campaigning for action on climate change in Ireland.  Its membership includes development, environmental, youth and faith-based organisations who have joined together totake action on the issue of climate change.

    Although all of our organisations are different, the impact of climate change impacts on all of the work that we do. Climate change is a huge local, national and global issue and to be effective we must work together. We campaign to make sure that Ireland is doing its fair share to tackle the causes of climate change, and its consequences on the environment and the lives of people in Ireland and around the world.

  2. Why are we campaigning on climate change?

    Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the global community. Climate change can be defined as long term shifts in weather patterns or average temperatures. Expected weather patterns are changing, which is causing problems for many people. For us in Ireland this means an increase in average temperatures, an increase in rainfall and a reduction in the number of frost days. For the future, it means more extreme weather, water shortages in the east in summer, an increase in flooding and impact on plants, animals and marine life.

    Climate change is disruptive to the lives, livelihoods and communities of people both in Ireland and around the world. It’s a problem for everyone, but in all countries, the biggest impact will be on people and communities that are already marginalised. The most vulnerable people in any society will struggle the most to manage the effects of extreme weather. We are campaigning for the government to keep the promises they have madeto reduce harmful emissions which are a huge contributor to climate change, aswell as encouraging our leaders to implement policies to work towards a cleaner, more sustainable and better Ireland for all.

  3. What can you do?

    Stop Climate Chaos are currently focused on: lobbying the government to stop investing public money in fossil fuels, improving cycling infrastructure around Ireland, as well as campaigning for people to be able to sell the solar energy they create at home back to the grid for a fair price. All things which can have positive impacts on all people in Ireland!

    And you can be a part of it! 

    1. Sign up to our mailing list and check out our website to keep up to date with events and campaign actions around the country.
    2. Write to your local TDs and councillors to tell them why climate change isan issue for you and your community.
    3. Get talking! Use your voice and tell people what climate change is andwhy it’s an issue for them

The Ireland we want to see

  1. Fossil fuels phased out

    We want the Irish government to commit to: 

    • Not import fracked gas 
    • An end to peat burning for electricity
    • A ban on new offshore oil and gas drilling

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