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Push your Local Election Candidates to take the Fossil Free Pledge!

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If you support the Not Here, Not Anywhere Fossil Free Election Pledge and want your local election candidates to do so too, then tell them by using this handy e-action!

To keep global warming below 1.5°C and avert the most severe impacts of climate change, we must rapidly reduce the burning and use of fossil fuels and 80% of the known fossil fuels must stay in the ground. Climate action means urgently committing to and achieving a Fossil Free Future, in Ireland, and around the world. 

The Fossil Free Election Pledge has five principles:

  1. A just transition for workers and communities;
  2. Protect our seas and end offshore drilling;
  3. No new fossil fuel infrastructure;
  4. Stop burning coal, peat and unsustainable biomass for electricity;
  5. Ban importing fracked gas and support a fossil free future globally

Specifically, we want to see local election candidates:

  1. Support communities and workers to transition to from fossil fuels to renewable energy
  2. Stipulate no new fossil fuel infrastructure in city and council development plans
  3. Work with local groups to campaign against fossil fuel projects in your area, including: offshore drilling, liquefied natural gas terminals, new gas power stations, extending the domestic gas grid.



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