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One Future - Faster and Fairer Climate Action

One Future is a network of campaign groups across Ireland supported by Stop Climate Chaos and Friends of the Earth.

One Future groups advocate for faster and fairer climate action within their consituencies and communities by building local campaigns and lobbying local TDs.

Take action now in your local area!

Time is not on our side. But what we do have is concerned people taking action in groups across the country, and the power of that cannot be underestimated. With you part of this growing campaign, we'll get lots more people challenging politicians to take the action required. Which right now, is exactly what we need.

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What happens after I sign up?

  • You'll get linked up with your local group and get opportunities to get involved with them.
  • You'll get periodic emails from One Future to let you know about opportunities like activist trainings, educational webinars and other events.
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