Umbrella Action Day Against Climate Change 2008

June 5 2008, 03:06pm

Stop Climate Chaos Goes Back To The Beach To Demand The Government Put A Price On Carbon

Today, 5th June 2008, World Environment Day, Stop Climate Chaos, the alliance of leading development, environment and faith campaigning groups, has announced details of its second Umbrella Action Day.

Umbrella Action Day Martello Tower, Sandymount Strand Sunday June 15th, 3 P.M.

Last year: a sea of dancing umbrellas on a sunny day, our first Umbrella Action Day was unforgettable. We pressed the new Dáil and the incoming Government to take climate change seriously.

One year on: we're telling them how to start reducing Ireland's outsized carbon footprint. We're going back to the beach to demand the Government put a clear, fair, price on carbon across the whole economy.

We'll mark one year of the new Government with an event and a new leaflet that graphically illustrate Ireland's record on greenhouse gas emissions compared with that of other countries. The Irish are emitting 17.5 tonnes of climate pollution per person every year, making us the sixth most polluting of the developed countries. If everyone polluted like the Irish, we would need three planet earths to survive.

To mark one year of the new Dáil we're sending every TD and Senator a copy of the leaflet. Since the election a cross-party majority of TDs have signed the Stop Climate Chaos Call to Action. Now it's time they put it into practice by pricing carbon to reward those that reduce their footprints and penalise those that pollute profligately.

Come and join us on Sandymount Strand on Sunday, June 15th at 4 p.m. and put up your umbrella to show the Government you want a price on carbon!

Join the picnic for the planet and bring the kids, there'll be face-painting and wildlife surveys. And don't forget to BYOB - bring your own brolly!


PLEASE NOTE: Members of the press with notebooks and cameras get an umbrella exemption!

Event choreographed by Muirne Bloomer.

Umbrella Action Day Against Climate Change 2008

June 15 2008, 03:49pm

Umbrella Action Day - 3pm, Sunday 15th June

Umbrella Day 2008 1

The second Umbrella Action Day on Sunday 15th was a great success! Stop Climate Chaos supporters took to beach again to press the Government to deliver on its climate change commitments

Umbrella Day 2008 2

Days after the first Umbrella Action Day last year the new Government committed to reducing Ireland's emissions by 3% a year. This year the brolly brigade delivered the clear message that it's time to act and that putting a price on carbon pollution in December's budget is the place to start.

Directed by leading choreographer Muirne Bloomer the large crowd celebrated our connection with the natural environment, and as you can see from the photo on the front page of the Irish Times, led the charge to take on the climate challenge.

Click here to watch video footage of the event.