Take Part in the Global Gasdown-Frackdown in October


Take Part in the Global Gasdown-Frackdown in October

September 26 2018, 02:17pm

A global movement against gas and fracking is rising.

This October people around the world will take action against the rapid expansion of the gas and fracking industry.

Fracking and gas projects are destroying our environment and our climate, violating our rights, polluting our water, grabbing our land. The time has come to stop the fracking and gas boom from locking us into another generation of fossil fuels.Sign up and add your action to the map at www.gasdown-frackdown.org/  #GasdownFrackdown

Around October 13 hundreds of groups will organize creative and impactful actions and activities to stop fossil gas and fracking projects. They will target the industry and governments, the petrochemical giants that make plastics out of fossil fuels, and call-out the banks who’re supporting the fossil gas boom and fracking infrastructure.

Sign up and get involved at www.gasdown-frackdown.org/