Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice - December 5th


Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice - December 5th

Meet your TD in Buswells to discuss #ClimateActionNow

November 15 2018, 01:52pm

Worried about climate change? Frustrated by the government's inaction? Eager to do something to get your elected representatives to take #ClimateActionNow?

Then join the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition in Buswells Hotel, Dublin, on Wednesday December 5th, for Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice.

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is facilitating meetings between you and your TD(s) so that you can speak to them about the crucial, urgent issue of climate action, or in Ireland's case, inaction. We want to provide a space for you to ask them whether they are personally willing to give political leadership on this issue, and if so, how. And if not, why not?

We know that we are collectively engaged in a decades long existential struggle, and are currently losing badly. But the public mood has shifted this year, as has media coverage. The question is, can we get TDs to respond fast enough to this crisis?

If you agree that our elected representatives need to act now, that the Irish government should take the necessary action to prevent climate chaos, then register for this event and email your TDs via the link below:

Register and send an e-mail to your TD(s)

Then what?

Step 1: Once we have a critical mass of TDs* who have given us their available times, we will send you a list of TD attendance times so that you can make an informed decision about when you want to be there on the day. For example, if all of your TDs are only free after 3pm, then we want to give you the chance to arrive at that time as opposed to arriving at 10am when none of your TDs are there!

Step 2: When we send you this information, we need you to tell us exactly when you plan to be in attendance on the day. This is very important so that we can keep track of when constituents from each constituency will actually be in Buswells, as it's a long day and we don't expect you to stay for 9 hours! We will have a link for you to use to input your time(s).

Sounds great! But what should I talk to them about?

All you need to do is share your real concerns about climate change with your TDs. Tell them that as your elected representative, they and their party should do more to reduce Ireland’s emissions, and that we can’t go on being one of the worst polluters per person in Europe.

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is developing core demands for action, which we’ll be asking TDs to sign-up to. We’ll give you a briefing in advance and we'll be there on the day as you meet your TDs, so you don’t need to be an expert in any of the policy detail – you just need to be an expert at being a human being worried about our shared future!

We have run these events before and those who have participated have found them empowering. Plus, we know that TDs are impacted by meeting groups of their own constituents who care passionately about an issue. A few years ago, running a similar kind of lobby day secured the climate law. Now, we need an action plan that actually cuts greenhouse gas emissions.


If you're not active yet, now is the time. Together we can tip the balance.

So will you Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice?

P.S. Energy and momentum for #ClimateActionNow is building in Ireland. A recent protest organised almost entirely online over the course of a week managed to attract hundreds of attendees and make national headlines. And this Saturday November 17th at 2pm, hundreds are expected in Dublin, Galway and Cork as national Extinction Rebellion demonstrations take place to highlight the urgency of the crisis and the scale of action needed to avert climate catastrophe. Can you join too?

*Of course, it will be very difficult for us to get times in advance for every TD! We will do our best to get this information so that you are not waiting too long for them to arrive on the day. However, if we can't get times from your TD in advance then your flexibility on the day would be appreciated. Keep in mind also that it's possible your TD(s) could change their availability closer to the time.