#RiseForClimate - It's Happening


#RiseForClimate - It's Happening

December 5th, Buswells Hotel

December 4 2018, 05:14pm

Over 340 people have signed up to meet their TDs in Buswells Hotel, Dublin tomorrow to talk about climate change. These are the highest numbers we in the Stop Climate Chaos coalition have ever seen for an event of this kind and it's clear that the people of Ireland are ready to demand #ClimateActionNow from those we have put in power. 

I haven't signed up yet, can I still come?

If you're not one of them, don't worry as there's still time for you to register!

Great, but I'm not sure what time I should come?

Over 45 TDs have given us the times they willl be at Buswells, and this will continue to update throughout the evening as more TDs input their availability.

See TD arrival times here so that you can come when your TDs are there.

What if my TD isn't on this list?

If your TD isn't on the list, you can ring their office to ensure they are working on organising a meeting with you on the 5th.

You can call the Dáil switchboard on +353 (0) 1 618 3000 or +353 (0) 76 100 1700, and ask to be put through to your TD's office. Their direct lines are also listed here. Tell them that they have received emails from Stop Climate Chaos and you would appreciate if they could input their availability via the link in that email. Let them know when you're available so they can do their best to be there when you are.

What if my TD isn't there when I'm there?

Hopefully we've done enough to mitigate against this happening, however if your TD isn't there when you arrive, and their timings are not on this list, then we will give you the phone number to ring to ask your TD to come over to meet you. 

What should I talk to them about?

We've produced a handy one-pager for you on what to talk to your TD about, have a read of it here!

I really want to come tomorrow but I can't!

If you can't join tomorrow, here are three ways you can still be involved from afar.

1. Email your TDs to tell them that even though you can't join, you still want them to take #ClimateActionNow and you want them to go to Buswells to meet their constituents.

I'll be there in spirit

2. Use social media to amplify the impact of tomorrow. Find everything you need in this digital toolkit.

3. Are you a student, and too busy studying to join? Then add your name to this petition which will be displayed tomorrow for all TDs to see, so that they know you care even if you can't be there.

Of course, we can't guarantee everyone who registers will meet each of their TDs, but we can guarantee that we'll do our best. 

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