Our House is on Fire


Our House is on Fire

Will you help make 2019 the year for #ClimateAction?

January 28 2019, 04:07pm

Ninety-one TDs and 250+ constituents. That’s who we brought together on December 5th 2018 to discuss pathways for action on climate change. Over 1500 people emailed their TD in advance to ask for a meeting, over 1100 emails were sent by people who couldn’t make it on the day, and almost 300 students who couldn’t join as they were studying hard for exams signed a petition demanding action on climate. Watch the video of the day below.


Thank you if you took part, if you e-mailed your TD, if you shared details of the event, if you just said climate change. You are doing your part to turn Ireland from a laggard to a leader on climate.

What’s more, the last month has given cause for optimism:

  1. Minister for Climate Action Richard Bruton gave a rousing speech in Croke Park in which he "was talking and acting like someone who takes the climate change threat seriously" [1]
  2. Hundreds of people of all ages children took part in the Children’s Rally for Climate Action outside the Dáil on January 19th [2]
  3. The Irish government were brought to court by Stop Climate Chaos member Friends of the Irish Environment as a result of their appalling inaction on climate change, and every day of proceedings the judge was faced with a courtroom full of faces of all ages, silently demanding adequate action for a safe climate for all [3]

However, it’s not over yet:

  1. On the same day as Minister for Climate Richard Bruton’s speech in Croke Park, Providence Resources received approval from the State to explore new oil prospect off Irish coast [4]. Drilling off the coast of Cork is due to begin in the third quarter of this year.
  2. Mere days after RTE proclaimed they would report more on climate change [5], and the first day the State was being brought to court for negligence on climate, Morning Ireland were discussing the benefit of off-shore oil and gas to the Irish economy [6]
  3. News broke that a US firm is set to fund the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal planned for Ballylongford, Co.Kerry [7]. This terminal would annually process double the amount of gas Ireland needs, exporting most of it to Europe. In November, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition has published new research [8] which finds the best way to ensure Ireland's energy security is the rapid development of indigenous renewables combined with energy storage technology [9]

Of course, with every action, there is an opposing reaction:

  1. Groups have been mobilising up and down the country discussing tactics for stopping the construction of Shannon LNG in Ballylongford, Co.Kerry. Keep an eye on www.stopshannonlng.ie and FutureProof Clare for updates. A case is being heard in the High Court on January 29th at 10am, and it needs as many supporters as possible*
  2. The Irish government has been brought to court by Friends of the Irish Environment with over 16,000 people signing the online petition. If you haven't signed yet, do so here to be kept updated of the events and how you can get involved between now and the outcome of the hearing (which could take as long as 6 months).
  3. People like you are reading emails like this, searching for ways to get involved in this fight for our collective future. 

On behalf of all of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, thank you for all you are doing already.

That said, we regularly receive emails from people like you wondering how they can do more, how they can make a difference. So below is a list of suggestions of where you can take action, if you can. 

1. Hassle your TDs!

Eager to know if your TD(s) showed up to Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice? Click here to see if your TD(s) attended and if they signed the letter. Their email address, Twitter handle, and phone number are listed in this file, so if you have just 1 minute you can hassle them to sign the letter (which you can read here) in whatever format suits you.

Green - Attended and signed! Feel free to thank any of these TDs.
Yellow - Attended but didn’t sign.
Red - These TDs neither arrived or signed...
Blue - These TDs took the letter away ‘to look over’.

2. Join in!

I heard a quote on a podcast that strongly resonated with me, ‘the solution is the struggle’. By connecting to or creating a community, we embody the collective actions we need to make lasting impact. Facing volatile, uncertain and complex existential problems like climate change alone is scary, and sometimes it can be easier to just switch off.  Being part of a group offsets this tendency towards fear.

So if you have an evening a week, or even a month, or even two months – then look below for a list of groups you can join. Or even host a meeting yourself.

Grassroots Climate-Related Groups looking for new members

3. Keep the fight up!

The struggle is the solution, so let’s continue the fight together. We’re running out of time, and Greta Thunberg, 15 year-old climate activist is right when she says our house is on fire.

Our climate is changing with devastating consequences, even though the solutions are available to us. That’s because the people with the power to make changes are holding us back. However, others are active spearheading the climate movement, giving their time and energy towards creating a better future for all. This struggle is time-bound, with 12 years left before unstoppable feedback loops could be triggered. It’s a race against time, so we need everyone, which means you.

For us, for our children, for our children’s children. And for all those who are facing the impacts of climate change right now, will you take #ClimateAction in 2019? 


"Many people say that this is not an easy issue, we cannot just say that this is how it is, it's not black and white. But I say that this is black and white. Either we stop the emissions or we don't. There are no gray areas when it comes to survival." – Greta Thunberg at the Davos summit

childrens climate rally

Upcoming events that need your support:

Shannon LNG at the High Court – January 29th


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