Irish newspaper coverage of the #SchoolStrike4Climate


Irish newspaper coverage of the #SchoolStrike4Climate

Blanket coverage in Saturday's papers of unprecedented climate protest

March 16 2019, 06:01pm

Yesterday's #SchoolStrike4Climate was an unprecendented protest for climate action by school students around the world. Over 15,000 people took part in Ireland with more than 10,000 at the rally in Dublin alone.

Today's Irish newspapers have blanket coverage of the student protest:


The Irish Times

Irish Times 2019-0316

Irish Independent

Irish Independent 2019-0316

Irish Examiner

Irish Examiner 2019-0316

The Herald

The Herald 2019-0316

(London) Times Ireland

(London) Times Ireland 2019-0316

The Irish Sun

The Irish Sun 2019-0316

The Irish Daily Star

The Irish Daily Star 2019-0316

The Irish Daily Mirror

The Irish Daily Mirror 2019-0316


The Irish Daily Mail

Irish Daily Mail 2019-0316