Have your voice on climate action heard!


Have your voice on climate action heard!

Submit to the Climate Consultation - using our handy guide

May 12 2021, 04:44pm

The climate movement has been calling for greater public consultation on climate action for years. Now we’ve finally got a precious opportunity to make our voices on climate action heard. Let’s make sure it doesn’t slip by! 

Use our handy guide - or cheatsheet - to make an individual submission to the Government’s climate action consultation as an individual. The consultation’s official name is the Climate Conversation - Climate Action Plan 2021 and it can be accessed here. This should not be confused with a different consultation that groups and organisations can submit to - called the Call for Evidence. 

You don’t need to be an expert to submit to this consultation! And you can keep your answers short if you’re tight on time.

Click here to read the cheat sheet and get started on your submission - before the consultation closes on 18th May.

The two minute submission option

Don't have time to answer all the questions? You don't have to - just answer as many as you have time for! And if you're really stuck for time, here's a 2 minute answering option. 
Go direct to the consultation here and add your details in the “About You” section. Then answer the first two questions in the “Taking Action on Climate Change” section - about how seriously you take climate change and how much action you want to see. Just answering these two questions adds to the pressure on Government to act!