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Save the Climate Emergency Measures Bill

Tell your TDs to stand up for their right to legislate.

Global Wave of Climate Activism

It is just over a year since a majority of TDs in the Dáil voted to progress of the Petroleum and Other Minerals Development (Amendment) (Climate Emergency Measures/CEM) Bill, a Private Members Bill seeking to prohibit the issuing of licences for exploration of fossil fuels off Ireland’s coasts. 

Student Strike Dublin 2019-0315.JPGLast Friday, just over a year later on 15th March, 1.6 million people went on strike for the climate in over 120 countries. In Ireland, 15,000 of them were marching in our towns and cities, the biggest climate mobilisation we have ever seen in Ireland (you can see the widespread media coverage here).

These children are fighting for their futures. But our politicians are holding a Bill that would ban offshore oil and gas drilling in limbo.

The Climate Emergency Measures Bill

The Climate Emergency Measures Bill seeks to end the issuing of licenses for exploration and extraction of fossil fuels off Ireland’s coasts. The Government remains opposed to this Bill and has been doing everything it can in recent months to stop the Bill progressing.

This is at a time when 80% of known fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground, when we have to cut our polluting emissions in half in less than 12 years to prevent climate catastrophe. This is not the time for further fossil fuel exploration or construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

On Tuesday 26th at 8pm, People Before Profit put forward a motion to allow the Climate Emergency Measures Bill to proceed in the Dáil. TDs can vote on this motion on Thursday March 28th. Will you email your TDs and ask them and their party to vote in favour of this motion? 

How can I help?

You can email your TDs now to tell them to move this Bill forward without delay. We can't afford any new fossil fuel exploration at this critical time!

Richard Bruton, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, welcomed the passion and enthusiasm of young Irish people last Friday “for what is our biggest challenge globally”. He said “The decisions we take now will define the next century and the voices of our young people must be heard,”

If the government continues to block this piece of important legislation, it is a clear sign that they are ignoring that same ‘passion and enthusiasm’ and intend on a business as usual approach to climate change. You can help make sure this can’t happen by emailing your TDs now.

Want to know more? Stop Climate Chaos – the civil society coalition campaigning for Ireland to do its fair share to tackle climate change – has produced a new briefing outlining five main reasons why the Bill should move to Third stage without delay. We believe this Bill is necessary , practicable and in the national and global interest.

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The hypocrisy is mind blowing. Scarcely days after supporting a Dáil motion declaring a climate emergency and lapping up the international praise, Leo Varadkar and Environment Minister Richard Bruton have pulled a bureaucratic trick to stop TDs even debating the Climate Emergency Measures Bill.

We’re inches away from getting oil and gas exploration banned by the Dáil, but the Government has pulled another anti-democratic ploy - because Fine Gael is the only party standing in the way of this crucial measure.

Varadkar and Bruton think they can still get away with using arcane parliamentary procedures to stall climate action so they can do favours for oil company executives. So before the dust settles on this decision and the media moves on, we need to show them that things have changed - school kids are striking, climate change is hitting the headlines daily, and the “Green Wave” shows voters are demanding action.

They made this move late earlier this month - if we can fill their inboxes with emails showing backlash from the public, we can show that people in Ireland won’t stand for this reckless sabotage of climate action.

Can you take a minute to email Leo Varadkar and Environment Minister Richard Bruton? We’ve set it up so you can send a message I’ve written with the click of a button, or write your own.

If you’re a constituent of Richard Bruton’s in Dublin Bay North, please call his office on 01 6183103 and reply to this email to let us know how you get on. Ultimately, you’re who decides whether he’s out of a job in the next election - so he needs to hear from you that climate action decides your vote.

The question we need to pose to politicians right now is - are you really going to stand over this? Will your legacy be oil rigs drilling our seas well into the 2040s and 50s, condemning our children to climate chaos? Or will it be taking a stand against fossil fuel corporations, and securing a safe climate for us all?

Our local elections saw a wave of support for climate action by voters - across the country we saw candidates running on climate platforms out perform predictions. But Richard Bruton is still trying to conduct “business as usual” while pumping out soundbites that make it sound like he’s taking the climate crisis seriously - earlier this year, he signed off on oil drilling in our seas by a subsidiary of the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company and ExxonMobil.

This is exactly why we need the Bill to ban future oil and gas exploration that Bruton and Varadkar are torpedoing. We cannot allow politicians to sign off on any new fossil fuels to be extracted and burnt - or we’ll shoot past the safe limits of climate change.

We need to show them that their doublespeak is not flying under the radar as they might have hoped - so can you take a moment to email Leo Varadkar and Environment Minister Richard Bruton? It only takes a moment.

Or, if you’re a constituent of Richard Bruton’s in Dublin Bay North, please call him on 01 6183103.

We’re so close to making history, and beginning the end of the fossil fuel era. And the only way we can do this is together, with people power - so thank you for being a part of this with us.

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